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Bespoke Training Initiatives

It’s all very well being able to access help and support from external sources, but when it comes to HR and employment law, you also need to support your managers’ knowledge and skills in these areas. While it’s essential that your employees are qualified to carry out their role-specific responsibilities, there are also a wide range of day-to-day issues that can arise in any workplace. By providing training on the necessary skills required for good people management and legal compliance, you boost your organisation’s opportunity for growth – while simultaneously mitigating the risk of financial losses and the reputation impact that can come with poor performance.

Why choose our training initiatives?

We offer an extensive range of general training programmes to suit many needs, but our bespoke short and long-term initiatives are the perfect way to address the specific requirements of your business and any areas of concern. Training for managers can be of particular benefit, as it’s imperative that they recognise and respond to their obligations in regard to employment legislation compliance, and ensure fair procedures at all times.

Here are some other reasons to choose our bespoke, in-house training:
  • A cost-effective way to ensure managers are equipped to deal with daily employee and HR issues. ;
  • By managing employment issues correctly, you reduce the risk of costly employment claims ;
  • Training can be tailored to focus on specific items that are causing issues within the business
  • Content is focused on the company itself, using real and current examples for context ;
  • Training is organised around staff work schedules ;
  • We’ll deliver your training at a location convenient for you and your staff
  • Encourages team building through an increased awareness and understanding of other employees’ roles and contributions

In- house workshops 

We’ve developed a range of in house workshops around some of the key issues facing businesses in Ireland today, drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of our clients’ needs, including

  • How to Deal with a Complaint of Bullying or Harassment
  • How to Manage the Discipline and Grievance Process
  • How to Manage Dignity and Respect in the Workplace
  • Dignity and Respect at work training for Employees
  • How to Manage Absence
  • HR Essentials for Managers/Employers/HR Professional
  • How to Become a Support Contact Person
  • How to Manage a Workplace Investigation
  • Getting the Recruitment Process Right

Our training fees

Our bespoke training fees are based on the time required to develop and deliver the initiative, which in turn is influenced by:

  • The number of employees to be included
  • The number of departments involved
  • Industry-specific requirements that may be in place

If you’d like to discuss your requirements for a tailored training initiative to teach your staff and managers how to effectively handle employment and HR issues, please call us under no obligation on 01-8860350 or drop us a line here.

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